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Freshman 15? or Freshman Fantasy?

Liz Connelly

By Liz Connelly

A college dorm dining hall is like a free buffet. A simple swipe of a student I.D. and the food choices are limitless. A full salad and sandwich bar leads to the pizza, burgers and fries section; next to the pasta and entrée of the day. A freshman’s nervous stomach can keep them away from junk food only so long.

As days pass and nerves dissipate, comfort can turn into hunger. The salad bar seems less appealing and a new student uses any excuse to head for the burgers and pizza instead.

“When students get to the dining halls it’s like a kid in a candy shop,” said Dennis Pierce, director of Dining Services at the University of Connecticut. “At home food is regimented, you eat what your parents buy and make. In the dining halls there are so many options, healthy or unhealthy. We are serving them healthy foods, they just aren’t choosing the healthy foods.”

Campus food myths

Nutrition experts say the “Freshman 15” – that inevitable gain of 15 pounds – is a myth. But the fact remains that almost every new college student fears it an believes it will happen regardless of their habits.

Dr. Nicole Mihalopulos of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Utah and Peggy Auinger and Dr. Jonathan Klein of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester, studied the issue. Their study found the college freshmen they followed and observed gained an average of 2.7 pounds throughout the year.

Want some Ex-Lax with that pizza?

As ardently as college students believe the myth about weight gain, they also believe another myth: laxatives are put into dining hall foods.

“Every year, about 3 to 5 weeks into the semester, the rumor starts up about laxatives in the dining hall foods,” Pierce said. “Freshmen have a huge issue with stress. Stress about schoolwork, stress about being away from home, and stress about making new friends. This stress can materialize into irregular bowel movements.”

So while four weeks into the semester it may seem like Ex-Lax was mixed in with the alfredo sauce, it’s probably the three midterms coming up that have students catching up on bathroom gossip.

The college lifestyle may be different, but it certainly doesn’t have to be destructive to one’s digestive system or metabolism. Instead of falling prey to the myths, students should take some age-old advice and not believe everything they hear.

Interested in what’s for dinner at UConn’s numerous dining halls?

Follow this link for menus, nutrition info and more courtesy of UConn Dining Services.


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Wings? Pizza? Fast food heaven in Storrs

Steve Magouirk

By Steve Magouirk

Chow. Grub. Snack. Cuisine. Delicacies. There are dozens of different names for food, but the name doesn’t change the fact that students at the University of Connecticut like it, love it, and want more of it.

So when dining hall food becomes too much to bear, where should a Husky turn? There is no simple answer.

With 12 different restaurants within delivery distance of campus, deciding what off-campus cuisine to indulge in is never an easy choice.

Here are some tips:

Fly to these Wings

Almost everyone agrees that if chicken wings are what you fancy there is no better place than Wings Over Storrs. Delivery food aficionado Christopher Capela, said they: “Give a good amount of wings for a reasonable price.”

Wings measures servings by pound, rather than pieces, ensuring the customer doesn’t get ripped off by the tiny piece that supposedly constitutes a “wing.” The meals advertised as “enough for one” range from $7 to $10 depending on whether you want boneless wings, boned wings, or a chicken wrap.

Calzones anyone?

D.P. Dough, the calzone specialists, is another favorite among students. With an unmatched 45 different ways to stuff one of their patented calzones, it is tough not to find something for everyone. While the usual price tag of $6.49 per calzone might seem a little steep, D. P. Dough offers three for $13 Mondays, the equivalent of buying two and getting one free. The only problem with the deal: expect to wait up to an hour for delivery due to high demand.

The pizza dilemma

It may be unanimous where to get certain foods, but with pizza there is no such luck. The two main pizza shacks are Sgt. Pepperoni and Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza. Which one is best? Sample both to find out.  Some students say price is what makes the difference. One of the most popular deals at Sgt. Pepperoni is $20 for two 16-inch pies and an order of breadsticks.

Randy’s offers a deal for an 18-inch pie for $10 as an everyday special and a dine-in only special of “All UCANN Eat” every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. The special includes unlimited wings and pizza.

Dining hall food is not going to satisfy a college student forever and the delicacies of the Student Union get old fast. When hunger strikes, it’s good to know the university offers everything from goat curry to pizza.

The only problem? Too much choice.

Does this article have you hungry for some good eats?

CampusFood – Menus and more info from places to get food around UConn.

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