Solving the Dating Puzzle

Jake Goldberg

By Jake Goldberg

Women are like Rubik’s cubes. Men have been trying to solve them for centuries with little success.

Don’t despair UConn guys. There are strategies that can help solve at least that first side of the cube.  Plus, guys at UConn don’t even have to own a car.

That’s because some hidden gems are located on campus that are perfect of low-cost dates. Instead of heading to a movie where neither of you will be able to talk, head to these other spots where the male of the species has a shot at figuring out that puzzle.

Gliding through a date

How About the Mark Edward Freitas Ice Forum? Hidden behind the Morrone Soccer stadium and across the street from the baseball field rests a terrific date opportunity that many students don’t know exists. For a total of $18 dollars, a couple can skate during general hours on weekends. Although there will be a crowd skating around the ice, it still provides a chance to get to know each other. Be sure to take your time and act as if you have been skating your whole life; you’re not looking to impress her with your blazing speed.

Bring a sweatshirt and a sense of humor, especially in case of a fall.

“It was definitely enjoyable, although a little scary because I can’t skate,” student Marc Gauthier said about his date experience there.

Hockey, anyone?

You also could take in a women’s field hockey game. This is definitely one of the least visible sports at UConn, even though the team is usually among the best. Led by head coach Nancy Stevens, these women have gone 58-9 in the past three seasons alone. While the bleachers won’t be the most comfortable, there also won’t be a huge crowd and you won’t have to worry if she is hearing what you are saying.

Good entertainment, fresh air and great atmosphere make this a great date idea.

Bring a blanket and some food to make it special.

Communing with the creatures

Horse Barn Hill is not just for animals or people looking to exercise. Use nature to your advantage. Taking a walk is vastly underrated. The scenery here will provide a great backdrop for a conversation and will be ideal for holding hands. You can get away from the stresses of campus life and enjoy some simple pleasures. You won’t need to bring much other than a few conversation starters and perhaps a joke or two. An added bonus: if it’s winter go sledding on one of eastern Connecticut’s best slopes.

Snow rushing past, and winding whistling through her hair provides a great opportunity to get close.

Unlike the Rubik’s cube, women have never been fully solved. Hidden around campus are some secret places that can at least help lead you in the right direction.

Want to take your date out to a UConn sporting event?

Follow this link to see when the next home games for each sport are coming up.

Interested in ice skating with your significant other?

Check out the free skate schedule for the Freitas Ice Forum.

Who knows, maybe your date could turn out as well as this!


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